To my children:

When I became a mother,

I lost sleep and freedom and the right to claim a “tight” anything.

I lost my mind and my cool a time or two, or twenty.

I lost a couple friends, a few years, and some hair. It grew in.

I gained perspective and maturity and a gang of comebacks.
I gained immeasurable love with vulnerability to match.
I gained pounds, a half shoe-size, and stretch marks. They faded.

I kept my sense of humor and my dreams and my vision.
I kept my smile, the light in my eyes, and belief.
All are touched by you now–
each of you—
with your distinct laughter, cries…moods.
With your promise to be exactly who you are. Then more.

Someday, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a child to love.
Then you will lose
and gain
and keep things
of your very own.

Wishing all the moms out there wonder to gain, and joy to keep!

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