I have this deep desire to give the “My Sister’s Keeper” movement a kick in the pants, if there is such a movement. And if there isn’t, I have an even deeper desire to start one.

Every time an emerging woman leader tells me how little support she receives from established ones in her company, I want to grab the phone and personally invite those executives to participate in my fantasy movement. I confess…I’m spoiled. I work for a company where women are generally nurtured and respected for their unique contributions, and where we celebrate each other’s achievements. As a relationship brand who makes products purchased primarily by women, it makes sense that women would be positioned to enhance Hallmark’s business and culture. But we’re not the only company serving women. And still, there is more non-support out there than is good for our collective progress.

I was inspired to write this brief love note to celebrate 5 women who inspire me, and to hopefully instigate my fantasy movement in the time I have available. (Which admittedly, isn’t a lot!)

I love Jo Miller!

I love Jo Miller, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc. and founding editor of Be Leaderly, because she’s generous. She has built her career on the premise that women are talented and capable and worthy of higher levels of leadership. She travels around the world speaking about career advancement, and uses her online presence to enhance women’s skills and inspire them to step up their game. Jo gives generously to all women, and has been personally generous to me, which I will never forget. Jo has bolstered my faith in women supporting women.

I love Raquel Eatmon!

I love Raquel Eatmon, CEO and Founder of Rising Media, LLC—an empowerment and communications company—because she’s authentic. Her work comes from a very personal place. She knows what it’s like to feel powerless, and uses her time, talents, and transformational experience to show women how truly amazing they are by providing insight and development through her columns and annual Woman of Power conference. Raquel reminds me to lead with my humanity.

I love Trudy Bourgeois!

I love Trudy Bourgeois, CEO of The Center for Workforce Excellence and author of The Hybrid Leader and Her Corner Office, because she’s courageous. Trudy has busted through more doors than I can count, including becoming the first Black woman in consumer goods to rise to the level of VP. She tells it like it is, while believing the best in and for every person she meets. She is an executive coach, corporate consultant, and trainer. Trudy is insightful, genuine, and bold. Trudy makes me want to be a better leader.

I love Yesi Morillo-Gual!

I love Yesi Morillo-Gual because she’s a BEAST. She runs Proud to Be Latina (PTBL), a professional and personal development network that educates, empowers and encourages Latinas to rise to their full potential. She is also an executive at one of the world’s top financial institutions, has young children, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree, all while writing a novel. Her tenacity inspires me. Her point of view broadens my horizons.

I love Sheila Robinson!

I love Sheila because she’s a visionary. She sees potential beyond today’s reality, and has created a professional “home” for diverse women through her Diversity Woman magazine and annual conference, which boasts some of the most powerful and well-known female (and male!) speakers in the world. Sheila is as humble as she is confident, and a ball of pure, passionate energy. Sheila makes me believe anything is possible. She gives me life!

Tag the women who inspire you with #ImYourKeeper. Let’s compete FOR each other, not with each other.

Men, I invite you to play, too. We need your support!

Tara Jaye

5 Women Leaders I Love!
5 Women Leaders I Love!

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