1. Raise your own leadership high bar.

You don’t have to compete with other women leaders. Collaborate with them, learn from them, offer your talents and experience. Build together, and see how much more distance you can cover.

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2. You were born with a purpose.

There is a calling on your life. Sometimes the flame lies dormant, other times it rages…poised to take over the world. Don’t ignore it. Give into it, even if you have to do so in phases.








3. You are worthy.

I know. Someone told you or showed you otherwise. But somewhere, in some context maybe yet to be discovered, you are needed exactly as you are. Don’t try to be someone else. You’re enough!








4. You must ACT.

You keep thinking about leaping. You’re constantly assessing the risk, wondering if it’s worth it. Here’s the thing – you’ll never know from the sidelines. Take a step out…then step into your greatness. You’ll accomplish so much more when you’re actually in the game!








5. Embrace the NEXT!

Give yourself permission to dream BIG. You can’t plan your future if you don’t imagine it first! Get a vision for your life, and trust yourself enough to fall in love with it. In time, it very well may become your reality.

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