In one day,

millions of women and men left the comfort of their homes for hours

with signs and hats and shirts and song and speech

to show solidarity.


We who are conscious of our womanhood –

having counted the threats to our freedoms –

are tired of being second-guessed and second-tiered.

Pacified and sexualized.

Lied to, then lied to about being lied to.


Some are more tired than others,

have more to lose, and a harder time regaining what is lost.

While we hail from different shores, our rough seas have tides in common.

I can still hear my Spelman English professor’s voice:

“Beware of leveraging oppression.”


We are, by works and womb, the future of democracy.

It’s true – our good intentions are not enough.

Our open hearts and minds, raised voices, outstretched hands,

and willingness to see our sisters’ truths reflected in our own…

just might be.


If women are to heal America’s wounds, we will do so together or not at all.

True change is passion channeled, sustained, then multiplied.

Let’s find a road wide enough to travel together,

with room for everything we are and hope to be.


Maybe then we’ll create a place worthy enough to go.


-Tara Jaye Frank

On Women’s March on Washington, 2017

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