How to Talk About Race at Work

October 24, 2016Blog, Diversity

Race. Racism. Bias. Discrimination. Privilege. Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. All Lives Matter – words and phrases that provoke powerful emotion in almost every American. The current social and political climate – defined by division and punctuated with insults – is creating an undercurrent of fear, sadness, and anxiety for many of us, and … Read More

Be the One. (A Letter to My Sons.)

October 17, 2016Blog, Women

It seems you grow taller by the day. Stronger. Smarter. More aware.               Of everything. I have no more babies.   Your personality, style, and sense of humor are evolving. You’re making friends and learning to be one. You’re refining your interests – sports, clubs, the arts… girls.   … Read More

Birthday Blog: No Wishes, Just Thanks.

September 8, 2016Blog, Life

As I turn the page to 42, I’ve come to realize this simple truth: My birthday wish days are behind me. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I closed my eyes and really “wished” for anything. My recent birthdays seem to represent one continual gratitude fest, filled with thoughts of all the ways … Read More

How to Lead: A Quick Read

August 28, 2016Blog, Leadership

I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to it. Here’s how to lead in 10 simple bullet points. Think Big. See beyond the boundaries that hold others back. Stretch yourself. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing. Be clear about your expectations. People need to know what success looks like. Tell the truth, respectfully. … Read More

Leading on Purpose: A Starter Kit

August 22, 2016Blog, Leadership

While many claim authority on what constitutes strong leadership, the truth is it depends on who’s judging. Our individual value systems serve as lenses through which we see just about everything, and leadership is no exception. Our current political landscape is a clear example. The United States presidential candidates have vastly different experiences, platforms, rhetoric, … Read More