5 Simple Strategies to Keep Your Hero Talent

May 14, 2015Blog

  I’m going to make this brief. Many companies have undergone significant change over the last several years. Heightened consumer expectations, a ruthless business climate, the fast pace of technology, and increasing diversity of gender, culture, and flexible work needs have upended our once reliable talent management practices. The greatest risk to any organization during … Read More

Happy Mother’s Day…A Poem from 2009

May 8, 2015Blog

To my children: When I became a mother, I lost sleep and freedom and the right to claim a “tight” anything. I lost my mind and my cool a time or two, or twenty. I lost a couple friends, a few years, and some hair. It grew in. I gained perspective and maturity and a … Read More

I’m Your Keeper: 5 Women Leaders I Love!

April 27, 2015Blog

I have this deep desire to give the “My Sister’s Keeper” movement a kick in the pants, if there is such a movement. And if there isn’t, I have an even deeper desire to start one. Every time an emerging woman leader tells me how little support she receives from established ones in her company, … Read More