Tides in Common: The Women’s March

January 23, 2017Blog, Women

In one day, millions of women and men left the comfort of their homes for hours with signs and hats and shirts and song and speech to show solidarity.   We who are conscious of our womanhood – having counted the threats to our freedoms – are tired of being second-guessed and second-tiered. Pacified and sexualized. Lied … Read More

Be the One. (A Letter to My Sons.)

October 17, 2016Blog, Women

It seems you grow taller by the day. Stronger. Smarter. More aware.               Of everything. I have no more babies.   Your personality, style, and sense of humor are evolving. You’re making friends and learning to be one. You’re refining your interests – sports, clubs, the arts… girls.   … Read More

Driving Equality: Ambitious Goals

July 31, 2016Blog, Women

Last week I was in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, where I moderated the Network of Executive Women’s 10th Annual Executive Leaders Forum: Driving Equality. The Network of Executive Women is the consumer goods and retail industry’s largest learning and leadership community, representing 10,000 members, 750 companies, 105 national partners and 20 regions in the U.S. … Read More

United State of Women: Go Beyond the Knowing

June 15, 2016Blog, Women

I’m writing on my way home from Washington, D.C., where, thanks to a former colleague and friend, I attended the White House’s inaugural United State of Women Summit. The summit was the first gathering of its kind, convened to rally women together to celebrate past accomplishments and chart a course for the future. Over five … Read More