Leadership: What I Know For Sure

May 10, 2017Blog, Leadership

Having recently made a leadership transition, I’ve been pretty introspective as of late. Time and space will do that to you – offer a window into your own soul… a way to observe your life from a healthy distance. (This is useful when you’re busy deciding what to keep and what to leave behind.) I’m … Read More

Feeling Overwhelmed by Work? Go Back to Basics

February 26, 2017Blog, Leadership

According to recent conversations I’ve had with both emerging and senior leaders, 2017 has (already!) been both fraught with tension and rich with opportunity. There is so much work to be done, all seemingly urgent and important. This sort of professional stress may be par for the course, but can also serve as a signal that … Read More

Tides in Common: The Women’s March

January 23, 2017Blog, Women

In one day, millions of women and men left the comfort of their homes for hours with signs and hats and shirts and song and speech to show solidarity.   We who are conscious of our womanhood – having counted the threats to our freedoms – are tired of being second-guessed and second-tiered. Pacified and sexualized. Lied … Read More

Thrive in the New Year: Things to Keep

December 31, 2016Blog, Life

For many, the end of a year means a break from the daily grind, and mental space for new ideas to emerge. We decompress, revel in excess, and make well-intended promises to ourselves. I will be more organized. Lose weight. Catch that dream I’ve been chasing. Rebuild a bridge compromised by time or incidence. We … Read More